We are two brothers born and raised in Ottawa, now living in Silicon Valley. We moved out there to get out of the snow, then being submersed in the Tech world, we saw a big problem. 


When we were 16, we would go knock door to door, asking if we could shovel neighbors driveways for money. Unknowingly we received a lot of interest every snowfall since everyone was tired to shovel their own driveway/it was a hassle or too cold. 


Fast forward a few years when we moved to Silicon Valley for work. Us being out of Ottawa, on a big snowfall our mom had no one to help her.  So she would run out to the middle of the road, flag down a tractor and pay them cash to clear her laneway. With a little more research and our stepbrother driving those tractors. We asked him how much time do they spend driving from job to job? And if they could get more business, would they sign up to make extra money? The answer was a clear yes.


So we thought, why wouldn’t there be an application that can eliminate the need for knocking on doors or flagging down Snow Plows. After a year on the drawing board, we came up with instatask - where it connects you instantly to the closest contractor to get your laneway cleared and other jobs around the house done.


This is only the start of the vision - we plan to connect contractors to any job near them creating jobs for the community and making our users have their tasks completed quickly and cost-effectively. The uber for outdoor chores.